Luxury automakers take long-term approach with Millennials

Jaguar is trying to hook Millennials.

The newest ploy: Get behind the wheel and navigate “several precarious driving challenges,” and when you’re done, here’s a two-minute clip of your adventure sent to you via email. Post it on Facebook or Instagram.

Now you’re sharing your Jaguar experience.

That’s the report via AFP from the New York Motor Show, which is filled with automakers positioning themselves to grab Millennial consumers. BMW is dispatching their own Apple-like “geniuses,” for example.

The report, though, looks deeper at the luxury scene, which is taking a long-term approach to Millennial buyers, who may not have the money yet to splurge on a sports car. That said, Millennials will still be into luxury. It’ll take time, of course, but at the end of the day Millennials want great experiences. A luxury sports car allows that in spades.

Also, Millennials aren’t too different from their parents and previous generations. They’ll have mid-life crises too.