beermugHi! I’m Timothy Malcolm, a full-time, freelance travel and experiences writer based in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Current project: I’m writing Moon Travel Guides’ “Appalachian Trail Road Trip” book. It’ll be a comprehensive guide to exploring the world of America’s greatest trail, including hikes, food, drink, entertainment, recreation, lodging and more. Due 2018. Currently: Researching

Quick background: I spent nearly 10 years in print and digital journalism as a writer, editor and manager. I’ve been a beat reporter and feature writer, magazine editor and daily section editor. I’ve overseen freelancers and staff reporters. And I’ve managed the short- and long-term operation of news websites and social media platforms. Sometimes, all at the same time.

Writing style: Heavy on nostalgia and past memory, blending personal narrative (whether mine or someone else’s) with facts, data and source material. I have a decade of journalism training and experience and an education in film and television writing, and I tend to explore narrative using both of those prisms simultaneously.

Specialties: Travel and experiences, baseball, beer, music (popular, post-1964), hiking, television.

Other topics I regularly cover: Health care and physician scientists, personal profiles, real estate and housing profiles, food and drink, general sports, millennial trends and lifestyles, generational shifts.

Major Projects

  • “Appalachian Trail Road Trip” (Moon Travel Guides, Avalon Travel Publishing), 2017-18
  • Think Dutchess Magazine (writer of all features content; Dutchess County economic development office), 2016, winner of NYSEDC Marketing Awards certificate of excellence) [View magazine here]

Where I’ve been published: 

Where you can reach me:

Personal info: I’m married to my beautiful wife of two years, and live with her and my infant daughter in a little apartment in picturesque Tarrytown, New York. Seriously, my mother-in-law calls it “Storybook Town.” I watch baseball, drink beer, play vinyl, binge TV, hike, travel and cook dinner nearly every night.

My favorite hike: Samaria Gorge in Crete remains a singular experience of my life.

My favorite baseball memory: Shaking and hurriedly calling my dad immediately after my beloved Phillies won the 2008 World Series.

My favorite beer: Of all-time? St. Bernardus ABT 12. Right now? Suarez Family Brewing’s Palatine Pils.

My favorite music: The Beatles (and Paul McCartney’s entire solo discography), but that’s too obvious an answer. I love music of 1977-1984 including the Police, Elvis Costello, XTC, Squeeze, Tears For Fears and Toto (and plenty of Yacht Rock). Big Star, Badfinger and other power pop. Plus Stevie Wonder and pretty much anything Motown and soul (especially Philly soul), Janet Jackson’s run from Control to The Velvet Rope, Todd Rundgren, and I have a weird childhood adoration for modern rock and alternative (I was a big 311 fan as a kid).

Right now? Haim.