MalcolmHeadshotI’m Timothy Malcolm, a writer, editor, and all-around creative based in Houston, Texas.

Uh, I create a lot of things, and those things will be on this site.

There’s travel. I’m the author of Moon Baseball Road Trips (Hachette Book Group, 2021) and Moon Drive & Hike: Appalachian Trail (Hachette Book Group, 2019). The second edition of the latter is coming soon; the former will be updated in about a year or so.

There’s food. Currently I work adjacent to the food and beverage industry, so I probably won’t be critiquing restaurants or anything. But not long ago I was dining editor of Houstonia, a city and regional magazine based in Houston where I oversaw food-and-drink content in both the quarterly print product and daily at These days, I might throw you some recipes. Maybe post some videos.

There’s sports. Back in the day I served as senior editor at Phillies Nation, a long-standing and successful website covering the Philadelphia Phillies. I also have written for The Hardball Times. I might drop in some words about baseball or other sports at some point here.

There’s music. Big fan of music! I co-host a podcast called Hall of Songs, which is an attempt to create a pantheon of the greatest songs ever made (1951 to present, Western canon). Listen to it here and review us here — it’s really fun! I’ll probably write about music from time to time here, as well.

Parenting! I do that too (two daughters), and undoubtedly I’ll be waxing poetic about all of that here. And there’s pro wrestling! Seriously! I still love wasting some minutes writing fake wrestling matches and shows. Seriously! I’ll maybe link to those things here.

I want this website to not simply be where I update my resume once in a while. Here I’ll dump my thoughts, share my stories, share others’ stories … just write a lot. So visit and re-visit. I hope you like it here!

Where you can reach me: