Tuesday drops: Big banks, Missouri, sexting

Here are some drops for Tuesday.


Bloomberg has a good piece today on the shift from big banks to local banks for millennials. The main reason seems to be ditching ATM fees and other ridiculous servicing fees. I can attest: one thing I loathed about my former bank is the servicing fee it charged on my savings account. I didn’t realize someone had to go into the account once a month to sweep the floor. Sheesh.

Local banks are in charge, now, which makes perfect sense. Millennials are going back to the local economy, from craft food and beer to bodegas and farmers’ markets. The middle is being sucked out.


In the wake of yesterday’s resignation of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe, plenty of thinkpieces about the power of the people. In this case, it’s the power of a college football team.

I raised this point yesterday on Twitter: If we’re going to make major social change happen in America, we do it where the money is. College football is big, big money. Sit out or protest and watch what happens. Where else is the big money? The NFL. Computing. Social media. If we want to change things in society, we have to remove ourselves from things we may love. People will respond once consumer trust is broken.


My latest on Elite Daily is about my history of sexting. It’s one of my most personal pieces to date. But this is important. Too many young men take advantage of sexting and other forms of promiscuity, using it to feed their need for power over women. What they need is to respect women – or, for that matter, anyone they come in contact with.


I also have a new piece up at recordonline.com, also about respect, sex and women. This one is about sexual assault, especially as it relates to the Greg Hardy situation.

Bottom line: mental illness needs to recognized and treated. We can’t let people get away with it.