Millennials are going to be paranoid parents

We’re gearing up for a watershed 2016 in Millennial parenting. Most Millennials will be of age to have children, and the oldest millennials, who choose to be parents, are having their children now.

The Christian Science Monitor has an opinion piece about an opinion piece in Time, written by “Girls” star Jemima Kirke. In short, the piece is about the paranoid nature of the Millennial parent. A lot of information at one’s disposal means a lot of worrying about a lot of things. It boils down to this: Millennials don’t want to lose their children.

Red alert: Generation Fear strikes again. Millennials fear everything realistic, and one of these things, of course, is seeing a child grow into something they are, ultimately, responsible for. This is a big problem. It means more baby advice groups, more mommy groups, more books, blogs, preschools and day-care centers. It means the evolution of digital apps aimed at parents. It means portable parenting, through phone and watch, through glasses and tablets. It means paranoia to the extreme.

Get ready, folks: Millennial parents are going to be crazy parents.