YouTube reality show is everything wrong with Millennials

For better or worse, you may be running into this video sometime soon.

It’s the “pilot” of a “reality series” called “The Bedford Stop,” which, I guess, is someone’s idea of their life as a “Girls” episode. Gawker is talking about it.

That someone is a group of people who, one would gather, live in Brooklyn and have decided that maybe if they write and produce a reality show on YouTube, they can become famous. But “The Bedford Stop” is everything wrong with Millennials. It’s the exact thing people will point to when degrading our generation.

I won’t go deep into the details of this “pilot,” but here’s basically what happens: friends meet for brunch, friends discuss Tinder, one woman pays for an actual Tinder headshot, friends go to thrift store and buy lingerie, friends go to the bowling alley, friends have a fight.

That’s the plot. A bunch of middle-class white people doing middle-class white people things in a place where middle-class white people have destroyed a large part of the place’s character.

They hit all the Millennial marks, too. Like I said, brunch. Also like I said, Tinder. They get an Uber. Quotes include “Um, having FOMO,” “I only have 6 likes on this Instagram right now,” and “It’s a black-and-white, like, filtered shot.” Hell, they go to Brooklyn Bowl. That’s the most gentrified thing about Brooklyn.

This is why we have to keep defending ourselves. We’re not this vapid. We’re not this ignorant. There are people who feel they can create a video series and turn it into a successful HBO show, or something. It won’t happen here. I’m sure these people have talent, but they’re wasting it by producing a throwaway show about absolutely nothing at all.

So please, guys, I plead to you, make something that says something. One day, at least. Until then, this isn’t going to work.