Monday drops: ‘Master of None,’ smartwatches, Starbucks

Netflix’s “Master of None,” starring Aziz Ansari, is the hot show of the moment. After last week’s release, people gobbled it up and praised it immediately.

Vogue is wondering whether the show is a millennial version of “Louie,” Louis CK’s FX comedy/drama about life. Of course, plenty millennials watched “Louie” and could identify with it, but the point is taken here: Ansari is somewhat of a classic millennial – oversharing, optimistic, slightly immature, prefers beautiful things.

I don’t think we’re there yet. If anything, “Master of None” is just another show in a long line of introspective, in-the-moment shows reflecting its maker’s singular vision. That style is a Gen-X style, as they were informed by the singular “Seinfeld” and “Frasier,” and influenced by the anything-goes style of “Cheers” and “Taxi.”

Ansari is coming into his own, but he still has somewhat of an old soul.


Now Forbes with the truth on the workplace: millennials want to be reinforced.

The trophy generation thing is a blown-up stereotype. Yeah, we got participation trophies, but we don’t look back at our lives craving to be told that we participated. We crave feedback. We crave the act of getting a trophy signifying being told how you performed.

Is that wrong? I don’t think so. It’s healthy to want feedback on who you are and what you’re doing.

So go on. Tell us how we’re doing. Even if we suck.


Check out this build-your-own smartwatch on Kickstarter.

Yes, the smartwatch trend is taking off. Yes, the Apple Watch will be a boon.

I wrote about the struggles of the Apple Watch, but I noted that this type of slow start is historical for Apple products in their early stages. I still see a huge future for the watch, coming in about two years. Until then, other manufacturers are hopping on the smartwatch wagon to make buck. That tells you something: Apple has it right. People do want smartphone-style technology on their wrist.


Apparently there’s a sect of our internet world that is unhappy that Starbucks took Christmas decor off its coffee cups this year.

Here’s ThinkProgress with the funny rebuttal.

By the way, internet evangelist guy who spread this anger, why be upset about a corporation’s decision to market Christmas? Something tells me that’s completely against the true spirit of Christmas.


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