Iowa Caucus recap: Millennials love Sanders, split in GOP

And just like that the buses start chugging on Interstate 80 East. All in a row, they exit Iowa, land of the cornfield, the white bread promise, the promoted American center whose importance lie only in its placement on the election season calendar.

Ted Cruz won the Republican Iowa Caucus Monday, while Hillary Clinton is said to be the Democratic winner, but votes are still too close to call between she and Bernie Sanders.

Of course, that means little. Of GOP candidates Cruz received the most delegates, but again, that means little.

What really matters in Iowa is just how close candidates score. Clinton and Sanders are neck and neck, which means it may be a closer race to the convention than originally anticipated. In the GOP, Cruz fared well enough for experts to believe he has the ability to take the party nomination. Donald Trump did well, but there’s still doubt about his universal appeal. Finishing just behind Trump in third, Marco Rubio scored much better than anticipated. Of all candidates, he looks the most resurgent.

As for the Millennial vote, the exit polls show 18 percent of Democrat voters were 17-29 years old. Fourteen percent of those who voted were age 30-39 voted. Sanders overwhelmingly dominated:

  • Age 17-24: Sanders 86%, Clinton 11%
  • Age 25-29: Sanders 81%, Clinton 17%
  • Age 30-39: Sanders 62%, Clinton 34%

Meanwhile, young Republicans’ turnout was smaller. Just 12 percent of voters were 17-29 years old. The results:

  • Age 17-24: Cruz 27%, Rubio 24%, Trump 19%
  • Age 25-29: N/A
  • Age 30-39: Cruz 27%, Rubio 24%, Trump 20%

Other interesting things to note: Only as the voter gets older does the Trump vote grow. And Trump leads considerably among voters with a high school degree or less. Those with an associate’s degree or some college education like Cruz over Trump, and college graduates and post-grad like Rubio, then Cruz, then Trump lagging behind.

Millennial Democrats showed Monday that Bernie Sanders is their choice. Republicans showed that they’re undecided, but I still see Rubio as the ultimate choice there.