Romper’s launch signifies the newest trend: parenthood

A major trend is about to take off: parenthood.

Yeah, sure, parenthood is always popular, but now businesses are seeing that millennials are entering parent age. Currently the oldest millennials are 33 years old; most millennials are now old enough to be parents to toddlers.

Women-skewing website Bustle launched Romper today (its logo is this fly baby to the right – remember, millennials have to be told that they’re cool still). This is the first major stab at millennial parent content. Currently it keeps a news feed that looks conspicuously like news feeds of other websites. Maybe there’s a parental bend here. In time it’ll certainly be more focused.

But be on the lookout for brands that start talking about babies and toddlers. And watch as corporations launch new verticals and products that are specifically catered to the needs and wants of parents.

Parent mania is ahead.