With Moments, Twitter takes the lead in Moment Economy

Moment. Get to know this word.

Twitter today launched its Moments feature, originally called “Project Lightning.” Moments will present the biggest stories happening in the world and on the internet, through Twitter. You can click any story (say the Seahawks win last night over the Lions) to get an immersive timeline of tweets, stories, videos and images from that story.

Basically, Moments tells users what’s going on in the world, and very quickly. It simplifies the Twitter feed and the “trending” conversation, since trends can take so many forms. Moments potentially hurts a curated tool like Storify. It could even hurt Facebook, whose “trending” feature is the only way to find out what’s happening in the world. And that isn’t live, like Moments plans to be.

It’s a smart move by Twitter. For one, they’re attempting to simplify Twitter to the masses. It’s often you’ll hear a newcomer to Twitter ask “What the hell is this for, anyway?” Well, Moments is one good answer.

Secondly, Twitter sees my Moment Economy in front of them. Millennials – Twitter’s largest audience – have created this economy based on sharing events and things close to them. Twitter is capitalizing, launching a service devoted to presenting these share points at real-time speed, and through the convenience of your smartphone.

In essence, Twitter is looking to control the Moment Economy.