Today’s Millennial Pins: April 11, 2016

Good morning, it’s April 11, a Monday. Here are today’s pins.

location_pin_sphere_red A Fidelity survey found that half of Millennials plan to change jobs within the next two years. More on this in a bit.

location_pin_sphere_red A Bank of America survey, meanwhile, found that 66 percent of Millennials expect help from their parents when buying their first home. And help means help moving in (36 percent), help selecting a home (25 percent), help paying the down payment (19 percent) and help furnishing the home (19 percent).

location_pin_sphere_red The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Huang and Lindsay Gellman look at how big banks are trying to retain the Millennial employees who aren’t staying (17 months after hiring) as long as previous generations (30 months after hiring).

location_pin_sphere_red At the Arthur W. Page Society’s Spring Seminar, Vox Editor Ezra Klein told the audience there are no Millennial experts, since Millennial is too large a segment to wrap any expertise around. I get what he’s saying, though it’s a bit simplistic. He proceeded to talk about how Millennials are voting in the presidential election.

location_pin_sphere_red Good lord: Business Insider has the scoop on the dope phrases popularized by Millennials. They include “on fleek,” “bae,” “Netflix and chill” and “Yas.”