Today’s Millennial Pins: April 2, 2016

Good morning, it’s April 4, a Monday. Here are today’s pins.

location_pin_sphere_red Denver is just about the king city for Millennials these days. And one developer in town is creating housing that caters to Millennials: courtyards with outdoor kitchens and fire pits; rooftop decks; and affordable but smaller apartments.

location_pin_sphere_red Meanwhile the folks in Manatee County, Florida (Bradenton) are wondering how to bring Millennials back. Affordable housing? That’s one way. Bad traffic is also another problem.

location_pin_sphere_red A Morphis survey polled 400 Millennials (small sample) and found that 90 percent were strongly influenced on where they bank by the quality of the bank’s software (accessibility, security). It’s true that Millennials would like a Google- or Apple-like banking experience; that doesn’t necessarily mean they will shun all big banks.

location_pin_sphere_red The New York Post – kind of late on the hit piece against an all-Millennial company – uses a book about the tech company HubSpot to … okay well it tells us how the book about HubSpot takes down HubSpot, calling it a playground for Millennial techies who are really being played by receiving little money and working like slaves. I would gather companies 30 years ago were doing the same thing, just in a different industry.

location_pin_sphere_red Meanwhile here’s a Millennial company doing … dare I say … well? The Charlotte Observer is a news site run by a 31-year-old who took cues from old and new media to deliver content to an underserved population. Meanwhile legacy companies like Gannett are seeing the value in edgy startups, so the time may come when, as usual, corporate America stops the disruption and absorbs it into its agenda.