Today’s Millennial Pins: March 31, 2016

Good morning, it’s March 31, a Thursday. Here are today’s pins.

location_pin_sphere_red CNBC has a story on Reebonz, a Singapore startup that “sells new and pre-owned designer bags, shoes and other personal luxury items” via app. It also has a marketplace where users can buy and sell luxury items to one another.

Luxury is about to grow, and quickly. Enterprising creators are seeing that Millennials are moving into the next phase of life, which brings a cohort of higher-income people into the market. Thus a number of startups will launch that hope to take advantage of this class.

location_pin_sphere_red That ridiculous Microsoft Twitter bot Tay was reactivated Wednesday, to stupid results.

location_pin_sphere_red Barchart informs us that Millennials love the following three food stocks: Chipotle, Shake Shack and Whole Foods. Well, yes. Each forces the fresh and high-quality narrative, and comes off as inviting, casual and hip. Seems that even an E. coli scare can’t stop Chipotle. “Food is fashionable” is the conclusion to this article.

Not quite. It’s more “inexpensive is the key, but Millennials are tired of fatty foods and want perceived freshness.”

location_pin_sphere_red Verizon is showing off its IoT share platform, in which users can reserve assets (things) for their own use, then return them back to the inventory, all through an app. It’s how a big corporation with plentiful resources can take advantage of an economy currently championed by Millennials.

location_pin_sphere_red The new app SurprzeMe takes Snapchat to a new level. You send two photos at once to a friend. The friend only sees the first photo, but if he or she touches and holds the photo, a second appears. When the friend takes the finger away, the photo goes away. In that sense, the photo has a “layer” of protection, thus the surprise.