Today’s Millennial Pins: March 22, 2016

Good morning, it’s March 22, a Tuesday. Here are today’s pins.

location_pin_sphere_red Disruption: The hotel industry is starting to worry about Airbnb and other Sharing Economy formats. Hotels, to one Millennial quoted, are “commercialized and touristy,” while of course Airbnb and others offers a human touch, conversation and quirky but cozy spaces. Airbnb last year was valued at $24 billion, three billion more than Marriott International.

location_pin_sphere_red Here’s an engaging opinion piece in the Guardian by a British Millennial who demands his government do more for the rights of new fathers. In short, he seeks a raise in statutory pay for paternal leave, plus more freedoms for families against the workplace. He cites the increasing openness to fatherhood-as-job, while comparing it to the always-apparent Be-a-Man lifestyle of culture.

location_pin_sphere_red Another opinion piece, this time in the student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, about America’s culture of protest. The writer is foreign-born and says America seems to value free speech more than any nation she knows, but it’s increasingly loud and abrasive. Of course she cites Donald Trump, but she’s also talking about college students getting even louder these days in protest. Finally, she notes that the American view of Millennials is exactly the view the rest of the world has of Americans (they’re entitled, whiny).

location_pin_sphere_red Here are 10 ways in which parenting has changed in the last 10 years. Mostly there are more screens, more options to do things, some conversations are easier, and cribs are safer. Also, might I add, parents are showing to be much more paranoid.

location_pin_sphere_red My latest column at looks at Sunday’s airing of “The Passion,” produced and narrated by Tyler Perry for Fox. The mammoth “live” spectacle starring C-list celebrities worked on one level, but it won’t get Millennials back into church.