Read: A writer gets it right on Millennials

This is required reading: sportswriter Jonah Keri on baseball and Millennials.

The piece comes after Hall of Fame pitcher Goose Gossage (age 64) expressed his distaste with the state of baseball in 2016, specifically celebrations by slugger Jose Bautista, and the amount of data being used to help run teams – often by younger executives, some Millennials.

Keri compares Gossage’s statements to the recent New York Times article on Mic (treehouses). He rightfully points out that articles like the Times’ piece, and hot-take opinions like Gossage’s don’t tell the story of the Millennial generation. Using data (the good data, too) Keri shows that Millennials are unemployed, underemployed, making less money and eschewing luxury and corporations.

(He also notes the amount of jobs in major corporations in the 1970s [high employment time for Baby Boomers] and today. This is smart, showing just how much disruption has affected our view of the so-called American Dream.)

Meanwhile, he notes, they’re also pushing social conversations across the globe. They’re using technology for good (well, still so many use it for distraction, but the point is there). And they’re trying hard to show positive outcomes despite an increasingly challenging uphill climb in a tenuous age of economic instability.

It’s everything a Millennial expert should be saying … not that it’s problematic that workplace culture is filled with hoverboards.

Kudos to Keri for opening a new set of eyes to the issues facing the Millennial Generation. We need more supporters like him.