Today’s Millennial Pins: March 7, 2016

Good morning, it’s March 7, a Monday. Here are today’s pins.

location_pin_sphere_red Leading off with an interesting Salon piece about how Democrats are wrongly targeting Baby Boomers in this election. Over the weekend Bernie Sanders won three primary states, while Hillary Clinton only one won; it was to be expected, and Clinton is still in front, but boy is it still an interesting race. And the Salon piece points to what could hurt Clinton – she’s focusing the economic talk, especially, on Boomer problems, while Sanders is directing it closer to Millennials (corporations and big banks are the problem). It makes one wonder if Millennials will, in fact, flock to Clinton if she was the candidate.

location_pin_sphere_red While the American economy has been rebounding, and everyone is getting jobs again, Late Millennials (age 20-24) have lost jobs over the last six months. Fortune writes about why, even though its approach is a little demeaning (stop with using OMG and LOL, guys). Point is: Boomers are taking jobs from young people once again. The economy isn’t new. The system is still broken. The American Dream is still a crock.

location_pin_sphere_red Where do Millennials want to work? According to the National Society of High School Scholars, a cohort of Millennials age 15-29 want to work at (1) Google, (2) the Walt Disney Company, (3) St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, (4) Apple and (5) the F.B.I. It’s hard to make sense of something like this, but from the top list one can theorize that Millennials want to make kids happy or be part of the internet.

location_pin_sphere_red The Department of Health and Human Services says breastfeeding is “only natural,” but that could pose a problem, experts say. Calling breastfeeding “natural” could harm the push for vaccinations and other obviously unnatural methods of infant wellness. Something to watch in the next few years, as surely the breastfeeding issue will continue to push into the mainstream.

location_pin_sphere_red Disney is adding two cruise ships to its four-ship fleet. The ships, which would be Disney’s largest, should be ready in 2021 and 2023, respectively. Do the math: By 2021 Millennials will be age 39-21 – half of the generation will be at prime age to start taking week-long vacations with kids (one would surmise Millennial offspring would be as old as age 12-13 by this point). Disney is aiming straight for the largest family population this country’s ever seen. It’s a calculated move. Cruise ships might dominate the vacation conversation once again by 2025.