Monday Links: World Economic Forum survey; fatter generation

Monday morning millennial links:

  • World Economic Forum survey (via USA Today): Millennials worry about social and economic equality, don’t trust institutions like the government and media, and want to make a difference. Other findings: They love Pope Francis, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. And the United Arab Emirates was a top emerging market. This is a big survey, which I’ll be breaking down more this week.
  • Discovery News investigates studies that show Americans are, on a whole, fatter than previous generations. Conclusions? Nothing clear cut; in fact, the weight gain could be a combination of many things, including chemicals in our prescription drugs to chemicals in our foods, to even overeating health food.
  • Local stories: Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, Ill.) writes about millennials living with their parents in McHenry County, Ill.
  • Local stories: Meanwhile in Athens, Ga., millennials are nearly 50 percent of the home-buying demographic, according to the Athens Banner-Herald. These millennials (Early Millennials are profiled) are scooping up renovation projects, improving them slowly but surely.