The First Pin Drop

Make a plan. Drop a pin. Go.

I’m Timothy Malcolm, a “millennial” highly interested in the direction of his generation*. I’ve been writing about and researching millennials for a decade, attempting to understand how they drive the global conversation and spur social change.

As I begin my full-time writing career, I want to share my research and writing on a daily platform. That’s The Pin Drop. I’ll bring news to light while offering opinion and commentary. Here’s the metaphor: Each post is a pin, and each new pin is another stop on the journey I hope to better understand. I want to take you with me as I investigate.

Look for multiple updates each day. Politics, the economy, social justice, pop culture – heavy, light … everything is fair game. And I hope to never resort to a hot take. If it happens, please, call me out on it. My goal is to help inform; I hope you join me.

The first pin drops on September 15, 2015.


* A note on “millennials” – People may deride this term, and the action of labeling groups of people by age. I understand that. But years ago, even as the first millennials were being born, we were conditioned to think by these generational boundaries. That alone is fascinating, but that aside, the term (and grouping) allows for a solid foundation. So bare with me as I talk a lot about millennials. It’s only my entire career.