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I oversee the editorial strategy of a website devoted solely to news, information and opinion on the Philadelphia Phillies. I write, edit and plan content and host a weekly podcast.

Podcast: Ep. 1 – Season preview + Pat Gallen – March 27, 2017
I host the Phillies Nation Podcast. Here’s the first episode.

50 Greatest Phillies Games: 5. Schmidt’s home run for the ages – March 23, 2017
A look back at one of the greatest games in Phillies’ history: a division clincher in 1980.

Scott Rolen vs Pete Rose is the perfect Phillies narrative – March 5, 2017
A look at nostalgia, how fans view players, and the likely scenario in a Phillies’ Wall of Fame election.

My new year’s resolution: Let go of anger – Jan. 7, 2017
Why do we fans take so much out on players? I probe that thought looking at my own error while making a new year’s resolution.

The unfortunate final days of Ryan Howard’s career – Feb. 23, 2016
As we near the likely final Phillies season for a once-popular slugger, I write about why we all should look deeper into the man when considering the player.

I believed in Domonic Brown – Sept. 5, 2015
After likely playing his final game as a Philadelphia Phillie, I discussed the hope I had for the former Baseball America top prospect and present a cautionary tale when falling in love with young ballplayers.

An Ode to ‘The Man,’ Chase Utley – Aug. 20, 2015
After Chase Utley was traded from the Phillies to the Los Angeles Dodgers, I wrote about what Utley represented for Phillies fans, and for myself.

Coping with the end of an era – Aug. 6, 2015
How does it feel when the players pass you by and the memories fade away? A new chapter begins in the history of the Philadelphia Phillies, and I wrote about how it affects a generation of fans.